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Behind every website, whether profitable or not, there is a web hosting service. The website maintenance, SEO techniques usage, and traffic control are impossible to conduct without a reliable web hosting company. Nevertheless, while understanding the importance of proper web hosting, website owners sometimes chase after cheap prices and discounts failing to consider the service’s performance and key features.

Find out the most common web hosting tricks and pitfalls. Check out how to use web hosting reviews and learn to choose a top web host service that’s worth its price.

1. Unlimited Traffic Speed and Capacity

Turns out there is no way a web hosting company can grant unlimited traffic speed and capacity simultaneously. You can choose one of those features with a restriction falling on the other. For example, if the service provides unlimited traffic speed, they limit the capacity. You can have an unrestricted amount of traffic, but the transfer speed will be very low. Both of these aspects aren’t visible for an entry-level website owner.

If you want to expand the website’s work, you’ll really have to consider having high traffic speed and enough capacity volume for better performance.

2. Unmet Expectations

Even being cautious about the web hosting choice you can fail to find the best one.

Web hosting services proudly present feedback from grateful users on the websites. Turns out these users have only seen one side of the coin and can’t give an unbiased opinion. It’s better to read several managed VPS hosting reviews or the other option you are seeking for. There are services online that will conduct a web hosting check completely free. They will present a table of various web hosting companies comparing their ratings, performance quality, and key features.

3. Prices

First of all, knowledge is your advantage. Always read the terms and conditions of the final contract between a user and a web hosting company. This way, you will be aware of all the fees and charges after a renewal period.

Here’s how a web hosting service can trick you into paying more.

  1. They offer a fuller range of services for low price initially, then charge more for the same services when the promotional period finishes.
  2. They use small type to inform you that your service package is only valid until the renewal date.
  3. They provide a free domain name for a year period only. Then charge double for it.
  4. They charge set-up fees. The set-up cost is only justifiable when you sign-up for a dedicated server.

Always read the sign-up script very carefully to know where the money goes.

4. The Domain Name Right

Even if you pay a certain price for a domain name, you never fully own it. It is your host that legally owns the domain name. While this is not a big issue in practice, some e-commerce websites face challenges with domain names when conducting legal procedures. The solution is to use a registrar and register the domain yourself.

5. Money Back Guarantee

money back guaranteeThis option is extremely useful to have when you are just developing your website. When you are still in between trades and figuring out the image of your website, it’s good to have options to choose from. That’s why a trial period is a must for web hosting companies.

Don’t trust the websites’ promises to give your money back upon request. Read the terms and conditions print carefully to see if they actually fulfill this promise. Don’t sign for a year plan unless you are certain of the web host competence. Choose a web host that offers a minimum of 30 days money back guarantee.

6. The Number of Clients per Server

If you’re applying for shared web hosting, this trick can be an issue. Remember that when you buy a shared package you get a share of a server. This sometimes can cause the website’s malfunction if other shareholders break rules. While most of the web host will claim that they have a limited number of server clients, they often fail to fulfill this term.

7. DDOS Protection

Unless you’re paying more than $300 a month for web hosting, there’s no chance you’re getting a top-level DDOS protection.  Also, there has to be a huge network to make DDOS protection effective. So, if the web host you cooperate with is pretty mediocre, don’t pay extra just because they claim to protect you from DDOS.

Now you know what promotional offers and tricks web hosting services can use to lure you in. Don’t trust unjustified labels and promises from web hosts. Always check agreement print to receive top service for an adequate price.

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