The main purpose of every business owner is a growth of conversion rate. Nobody wants to settle for a “good performing website” when you can change a few features and get more out of it.

Maybe you’ve already tried a few hacks but the effect was not as you imagined. We agree that you most likely don´t have spare money to invest into not effective marketing and also you want to spend your time in a more productive way.

Sometimes it´s not necessary to apply difficult strategies. Check out these few tweaks by a WordPress blogger from Colorlib which can help you grow a volume of sales right now.

1. Responsive design is mandatory

responsvie web design

Your customers switch from device to device. Therefore your content has to look good on a display of each device. It is very important especially if your website covers different markets, e.g. Asia.

If your content is displayed without any mistakes the bounce rate will drop down and you can turn visitors into customers in a more effective way. Also be thorough with the comfort for your customers. You want them to find what they look for easily and pull down the barriers between them and completing the transaction.

2. Use trigger words

The right words are an important element to attract your potential customers. Not only headline but also images, the body of the content and backlinks are necessary to build an interest within your visitors to buy a product or take an action.

These words can turn a random copy to a valuable conversion creating content. It doesn’t matter whether you’re writing a newsletter, direct mail campaign or a headline of blog post. By including these words your message gains power and change reactions of the audience.

Neil Patel talks about 14 words that can ignite the conversion rate. Among others, he mentions a word NEW: “When you include the word, “new” in your blog posts, readers will stay alert and excited, knowing that something new.” Also a word SECRET has hidden power: “Secret” inspires a sense of wonder. It causes people to be curious.”

3. A/B testing

The only way how to learn what works and what doesn’t is testing. If possible, you should perform more tests including the main features that create revenue. It can include headlines, page layout, navigation, color, location or size of the buttons. Then compare the results and create the best mix of features that improves conversion rates the best. Check out A/B testing guide by Optimizely in order to understand this concept.

4. Loading speed

It´s proven that customers expect the loading speed up to 3 seconds. Therefore make sure your page doesn’t suffer any difficulties and run regular speed test. Just few more seconds of loading can create negative shopping experience and result into higher bounce rate. Make sure your website is operating on the highest speed.

5. Affect behavior by applying the right colors

colors in web design
Colors are very important factor of website performance. If you change only color of CTA buttons you may increase conversion rate by staggering numbers. Quicksprout has published an infographic saying that more than 90% of purchase decisions are influenced by visual factors. 85% of shoppers consider a color primary reason to buy a product and 66% don´t buy a product unless it comes in a preferred color.
Consider changing a color of your buttons and run A/B testing. The results may be surprising.

6. Create urgency

It´s not a secret that limited offers are somehow improving conversion rates. Try limited-time deals but don’t be too pushy which may result in negative feedback or unsubscription. For example setup a “live” countdown for sale or free offer on your website! Countdown catches attention very well and creates a need just because “time is up” 🙂

7. Understand your buyers

You have to know who are your customers. Creating buyer personas is crucial for communication strategy and channels used to reach them. What is a buyer persona? The specific description of your customer, the way how they act, where are they. It´s necessary to understand your targeted customers in order to attract them and increase your sales.

8. Risk-free guarantee

Everybody wants to avoid the negative experience of shopping. Make your customers feel risk-free by eliminating a potential insecurity of buying. A better risk-free guarantee can include money back guarantee, easy return policy, satisfaction guarantee, free trials or samples.

9. Create trustworthy with social proof

People tend to purchase from vendors who use more channels to communicate, provide customer experience and testimonials that are easy to find and see. It is also connected with a risk-free guarantee that people are trying to avoid dissatisfaction. If you offer a backup with social proof you create a feeling of confidence and security.

10. Pop-up windows that don’t annoy customers revealed that 70% of Americans are annoyed by irrelevant pop-up windows. On the other hand, pop-ups helped to double subscription rate. There is no science behind pop-ups, it´s just a feeling what is too much that it starts to annoy your customers. Create one really nice and funny pop-up for your website with proper pacing and timing. Otherwise, you walk on a thin line of spam.

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Leading factor for a higher conversion rate is: to maximize user experience. Implement few of these strategies and test the results what works the best for your targeted audience.

2 thoughts on “Your conversion rate could be higher: here are 10 tricks for that

  1. Wiktor

    Enjoyed your blog post. I have seen first hand the increase in conversion rates because the website was recreated to be responsive. It was actually incredible the difference it made.

    Of course, I was excited to see one on knowing your customer. I just listened to a podcast on ProBlogger about making an avatar of your common customers. You should check it out it was great.

    I was intrigued by the bit on a/b testing and have made a note to check that link out before my next web blast.

    Look forward to more post from you!

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