New year, new life. Or at least, that’s what people say! Now that we’ve had a little taste of 2018 we can talk about the trends we think we’ll be seeing during the rest of the year. Because some things never change, but others require quick updates to follow this fast-paced environment called mailing: it’s the case of email newsletter templates.

By now, we all know what email marketing is, but maybe you’re sleeping on its main advantages: far from being out of style, email marketing is now more popular than ever, as it offers a unique way of communicating with clients.

Having an email marketing strategy assures you to furtherly engage your subscribers, as you will be sending them valuable and useful content, in which they are likely to be interested in, and even addressing them by their name!

Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to send a newsletter thanks to modern mailing apps and email marketing softwares; they manage our contact lists, automize our sendings and offer us different extensions, such as Google Analytics, so we can track our success, WordPress, so we can import our content, PrestaShop, very useful if we own an online store…

However, one of their best advantages and the core of this article are the galleries full of email newsletter templates that they offer. There are countless of them, so you can find the one that fits your business and start customizing it!

What are you waiting for? Choose your favourite email marketing software and include email marketing in your company’s digital marketing strategy; it’s easy, inexpensive and incredibly effective. And now, let’s see which trends await for us in the email newsletter template world.

Email newsletter templates for 2018

Here are the trends we are most likely to follow this year!

  1. Minimalist

It’s undeniable that minimalism is a trend nowadays: home decor, fashion, makeup… and also templates look their best when they are simple yet elegant. Thanks to mailing apps we can now choose email newsletter templates that are beautifully minimalist and adapt them to you brand’s style!

This year, monochronism stays with us and images become main characters. We recommend to use big pictures that catch your subscribers’ attention and that convey your main message. Discreet symbols and simple but nice fonts will do the job too, and its size should be consistent with the images and with the importance of each message.

As we can see here, New York is the one and only protagonist

Choose carefully your email marketing software; you need it to offer you enough options, so take into account its gallery of email newsletter templates when you do so. Moreover, it should offer you many different possibilities when designing the actual template, so you can easily create a minimalist newsletter that seduces your subs!


  1. Responsive

Nowadays everybody checks their emails with their smartphone when they are out and about. We’re sure you have the Gmail app installed on your smartphone!

Therefore, newsletters must adapt and look the same on any device, so they look good if the user happens to check his emails on his smartphone or tablet. Just imagine all your hard work creating your campaign going to waste because it looks like a mess when opened in a phone. We don’t want that!

Responsive templates shouldn’t count as a trend, in our opinion: email newsletter templates should always be responsive! The good thing is that, again, mailing apps save the day because they usually automatically turn any newsletter into a responsive one. Your campaign will be easy and pleasant to read!

  1. Animated

In the end, our goal with our newsletter is to catch our subscribers’ attention, so they should be creative and somehow different. You should think of something that differentiates you from your competitors, something that makes your campaign stand out in your clients’ inbox. A good way to start is by animating your campaigns.

We see videos everywhere, so why not in our inbox? This trend will probably be the queen of 2018, as brands are starting to see how attractive it looks to receive an animated campaign. The client enjoys the animation and feels like he interacts with your brand and message!

Let’s see how L’Oreal promoted their new shades of Colour Riche lipsticks:


Above we can see Adidas’ fun way to show us the different styles of sneakers they offer.

You can also choose to only send animated newsletters for special occasions, so you surprise your subscribers; when you launch a new product, when you celebrate an event, when it happens to be a special date… there are countless possibilities to take advantage of gifs!

  1. Asymmetric

This actually is a newer trend and we are happy to tell you about it before everybody else knows!

Messy-looking newsletters are becoming fashionable. yes, we’re not crazy; Images that overlap the text and vice versa and any creative ideas are accepted. However, don’t go overboard: the newsletter must still have some order so the user can actually read it properly and understand the message.

Let your imagination run wild and create a somehow unexpected campaign; we are sure your readers will enjoy it and value your efforts. It is entertaining to receive something different and yours will be the most modern newsletter!

Again, it’s important that your email marketing software allows you to do this easily. The goal is being able to choose a template from the gallery and design it to your taste, changing anything you may need to make it look crazy- but chic!

  1. Colourful

We know… wasn’t minimalism a trend? How are bright colours trendy at the same time?

Well, they can easily co-exist; minimalist newsletters that have one single bright colour as the star of the show look amazing and are in vogue right now!

The idea is to make our campaigns look fun and dynamic; it’s also important to, again, don’t go overboard, that’s why it’s a good idea to combine the minimalism trend with the colourful one.

However, a crazy and bright newsletter can also work wonders, especially for certain businesses!

The bright colours will definitely catch people’s attention, and you should also use them in your Calls to Action- you know, these buttons that lead your susb directly to your site so they can easily purchase from there. It’s incredibly effective!

Put it to the test!

Email newsletter templates are a great way to create professional looking campaigns without knowing anything about design. At the same time, sending email marketing campaigns has been proved to be an effective way to communicate with clients and to foster their engagement while creating brand awareness.

Choose a mailing app and follow these trends one by one (or mix them up, you choose) and you’ll soon see the results. Thank us later!

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