Use this backlit shop signboard PSD mockup to effectively add a personal touch of your brand. This mockup helps you create a signboard design presentation. Give your client an actual view of what a signboard would look like and how you would be incorporating the brand design and content in it.

The mockup is vertical in shape and can be used in any personal or commercial projects. Simply use the logo or name of the company you are working for and you are good to go. You can also play with the fonts and can add a touch of your brand color to it. The mockup comes with a light so at night the lit drop down makes it easy for people to recognize your business. The light makes the mockup look attractive and is also easy on the eyes. No matter what business you are working for, if people recognize it across the street, your job is successfully done. The PSD mockup is free for personal and commercial use.

So, don’t wait further. Just download the free mockup now.


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