Google reached a new milestone: 1000 experiments were listed on Chrome experiments website. It all started in 2009, when Google launched this project, where creative coders can list their works pushing and experimenting with new technologies like HTML5, JavaScript, WebGL, etc. It became a cool playground for programmers who are making art using new web technologies.


At the beginning, there were only 19 experiments on the website. Now, there are more than #1000, and to celebrate this great event Google designed an awesome interactive visualization. You can preview all the experiments in different cool ways, even make some changes in a code editor or select projects by tags.

Lets have a look at some nice web experiments:

Material Interaction by Jongmin Kim


View experiment

Geometry Toy – Fulla by Zden Hlinka


View experiment

Volumetric Particle Flow by David Li


View experiment

 Particles In A Vector Field by Marek Janiszewski


View experiment

Hextris by Logan Engstrom


View experiment

Helvetica Clock by Kitasenju Design


View experiment

Fractal Gears by Liam Brummitt


View experiment

Word Map by Loducca


View experiment

motionEmotion by Karen Peng, Jason Sigal


View experiment

We love web experiments, if you like them too, please let us know about your works or playgrounds. We will be happy to share them to the world.

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