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We’ve been following WPKube since its early days. It became a reliable source of WordPress news, reviews, tutorials and other useful stuff. To find out more about this great project, we asked its founder a few questions. Our friend Devesh Sharma was happy to tell us more about his website and future plans:

1. Tell us a few words about you?

My name is Dev Sharma and I run a fairly popular resource site called WPKube, which mainly focuses on in-depth guides, useful tutorials and occasional roundups. I have a small team who helps me with the content and development. I’m also working on my own WordPress products, which I plan to release by the end of this year.

2. Why WPKube, what is the story behind it?

Before starting it, I used to run an internet marketing blog, where I regular wrote about WordPress. I was also using that site to get clients, so starting WPKube was a natural progression. At that time, the goal of the site was to help me get more clients. But it ended up becoming more than that and eventually I stopped taking clients and started putting more efforts on the content and my own products.


3. Running a WordPress news, resources site is not easy. How do you manage to constantly provide relevant content, guides, tools, etc. and in the same time keep your project profitable?

I think it used to be an easy job up until a few years ago, when there weren’t as many WordPress-related sites as there are now.

Running an online business isn’t a one man show (of course, there are exceptions) but without an amazing team, you can’t go so far. I’d like to give appropriate credit to my team – they are responsible for some of the best guides on WPKube. To be honest, I don’t think I could have taken WPKube where it is today without the support of my team and some amazing friends like Kim Doyal, Adam Connell and Ariel Rule.


4. What are your daily inspiration sources?

It’s hard to keep up with so much noise, but PostStatus and WPTavern are two great resources. For design inspiration – OnePageLove and Dribbble.

5. WordPress theme/plugin market is over saturated, what’s next? What do you think?

I still remember people saying that, a few years ago, but now it is actually getting over saturated. There are so many themes with just slightly different design and new theme shops coming up every week. If you take a look at ThemeForest, you’ll see how much over-saturated it is. There are so many themes with less than 100 downloads.

I think it is hard to survive and only those who have some experience in marketing or coming up with unique products will be able to activate further.

6. What’s the future of WordPress CMS, any predictions?

Nope, but Ahmad Awais and Peter Suhm have done a pretty good job in their posts on TorqueMag and WPTavern, respectively.



7. Anything else to add?

Yes, I’m working on a new design blog called PixelKube – haven’t published much, but you should definitely check it out.

Thanks Devesh for your answers, keep up the good work! We’ll be following your sites for more awesome WordPress resources and news.

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