Visual attractiveness is one of the most essential and productive factors one can encounter visiting any site possible. We see we like, we shop. This is easy. Sometimes, if the visual part is very alluring, one may not even pay attention to the quality. This is not so good, of course, but at least, you can be sure your work on the visual part was perfect. 🙂

Explainer videos can be a lifesaver if constructed cleverly, alluring and meaningful enough. There are dozens of factors one should acknowledge when recording an explainer video for some purpose. The video may be a tutorial for the usage of your service, it can be a welcoming video to engage your site visitors, it may be a site guide to assist your site newcomers to easily shop around your eCommerce.

The chiefest things you must acknowledge when creating an explainer video is to be informative, on point, clever and with taste.

Let’s see 5 essential points to acknowledge if you’re planning to record explainer/tutorial videos for your site.

Accent on the Title

One of the first things one pays attention to when he/she’s about to watch a video is the title. It should be prompt, something that will shout out your ideas and will concentrate the minds of your viewers.

Use your state of mind and all your imagination to be extraordinary and close to everyone at the same time. Think about something that’s unlike any other types, but consider that this should be easy to get for your viewers so that they won’t get confused when seeing the title of your video. This will push them away for sure. So, be extremely careful when adding a title to your video.

Be Welcoming

The first impression and the way one may think when seeing a video is incredibly important. You can never again make the first impression if you miss your chance. So think deeper and acknowledge that your site newcomers should have the best impressions dropping in your site for the first time.

Video popups have become some kind of a trend nowadays. This is the easiest and the most powerful tools to gather an attention and share your thoughts.

So, why not include a welcoming explainer video in a popup and show it to every newcomer once they drop in your website? You can’t but agree that nothing can be more enticing than a popping up window with a positive and meaningful explainer video inside.

Tell about your service right through the popup. Make it prominent and share as much info as you can, so that one sees the video and gets your ideas easily at once.

Interactive Webinars

Have you heard about the most popular online seminars of today?

Webinar – short for Web seminar, this is a presentation, an online course, or some kind of a tutorial that is spread all over the Web. The best thing about webinars is its interactiveness. The participants take part in a real-time discussion and learn tons of interesting stuff for them.

Webinars are very common in online society nowadays. This is one of the coolest ways to learn some new stuff about the subject you’re interested in. Ask questions, add comments, be active.

A great way to show a webinar promotion on your site can be the usage of a pop-up. Include your video webinar inside the popup and you can be sure that all your site visitors will see your promo and participate in your webinar session.

Creative Design

A design is the most powerful part of any work, in any sphere. No matter what you are about to create, remember to have a design to stand out from the crowd. Put much effort to have your signature in the design. Include pieces that can be pleasant for most of the crowd and add your own style to spice the whole package.

When you’re creating an explainer video for your site, including interesting characters, make bright and pleasant colors. Animated videos are something most viewers like.

You can make it a fun, do your best to be alluring for your viewers and be sure you’ll be remembered. This is very important to move the enthusiasm of the viewers to watch the video with pleasure and till the end. This is the only way you can share your thought and approach to your audience.

Stay Fresh

Having tutorial/explainer videos is good in all ways and in any aspect. But you should actively keep up with the updates on your site and include the innovations into your videos.

Always remember to refresh and record new videos as you have news in your service. The tutorial/explainer videos should always be up to date. This requires some major time and efforts, of course. But if you want your users to be satisfied and if you want to show some solid quality in your service, you should keep updating, refreshing your videos along with the new stuff in your service.

You can’t but agree that this can become a great disadvantage for your service if your visitors need some instructional video that’s supposed to ease their working process, and it appears to be old and not correspond with the stuff you offer today.

So, take a bit more time and periodically refresh your explainer videos to have an always satisfied army of users.


Explainer videos are good in all points and from all the aspects possible. But they can’t be effective and bring the profit and results you’re hoping to have if you don’t pay to the littlest but life-saving details in this whole process.

Make sure you’re stand-alone in the crowd. Keep close to your viewers, be welcoming and share positivity. Make sure the design is remarkable and pleasant for the view. Be informative enough, not getting boring – keep the balance. Refresh your videos to correspond your innovations.

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