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This month we have a nice list of useful tools, resources, libraries, freebies and other great stuff for web designers and developers. This handy tools will for sure help you or maybe generate some new ideas for your next projects. Let’s have a look:

ImmagiPic – mockup scene creator

These kind of tools are getting more and more popular. Use this free online tool to create beautiful mockups with different scenes and save them in PNG instantly (1680×1050 px).


Animate transition

A library that allows you to easily create stylish transition between two or more HTML elements. It can be used to enhance the appearance of your site by animating different sections or popups.


HTML arrows

A useful collection of HTML symbols, entities, characters and codes with ASCII, HEX, CSS and Unicode values.


How to center in CSS

A nice little tool that will help you align your content in a <div> with CSS. Simply select all the values and generate the code.


Clippy – clip-path maker

Create different shapes with clip-path CSS property. Select a shape (triangle, hexagon, star, etc.), a background image to clip and generate the code. Please note that this property is only supported in Chrome, Safari and Opera.


User persona creator

Use this free online tool to easily create user personas and share them with your colleagues. We recently reviewed this great app, read our impressions here.

user persona creator


A “back to top” button that behaves like an elevator (with music in background). It’s a library that manages the audio and scroll functionality. All the other customizations are up to you.



Create awesome HTML5 animations with this intuitive online editor. This interactive content can be played on all kind of devices (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile device, etc.).



Ramjet.js is transforming one DOM element into another with smooth transitions. It works in all modern web browsers and uses CSS animation to make transitions smooth (even on mobile devices).


Materia – eCommerce UI kit

Materia is a clean and modern eCommerce UI kit for mobile apps, including 12 screens and many useful components.


Let us know if you know some more great tools, apps, resources, articles or freebies. We will feature the best ones and try to find the stories behind their success.

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