rel of time

In a funny yet interesting way, Relativity of Time explains how the perception and understanding of time have changed through the ages.

It’s yet another project made by a group of passionate UX/UI designers and developers from Futuramo, who are also the authors of a popular History of Icons, an interactive and educational site that gained great popularity in the Web.

By collecting interesting trivia facts and arranging them in a narrative storytelling, Relativity of Time shows how the human understanding of time has changed through the ages. From hunting, portioning and eating mammoths around 10 000 BC to traveling by planes and building modern houses the project from Futuramo offers a humoristic yet thought-provoking take on the relativity theory. The storyline focuses on random things humans could do in minute/hour/day/week/year.


The time navigation and time’s arrow allow moving smoothly from one animated trivia to another and compare different time estimates and ages. One can quickly learn that in one minute a human could pick thirty berries (10 000 BC), milk a pot of milk (2 000 BC), write fourteen signs on paper (0), shoot one bullet (1500), and create a masterpiece (2 000).


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