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The online medium is full of unique and interesting projects. You can browse the web and accidentally find one, this is how we discovered PSD Box. It seems like a usual site providing Photoshop tutorials for its visitors. However, the story behind it is quite inspiring and really amazing. It demonstrates that if you like what you’re doing and make it with passion, you can achieve great results and more important: you can enjoy it.

It turned our that PSD Box is managed by Andrei Oprinca, he is the man who teaches  users how to handle Photoshop, providing all kind of articles and video tutorials. We got in touch with him and asked him to share the story of his project. He was happy to reveal his journey and told us more about his work and PSD Box. Here it is:

My name is Andrei Oprinca, I was born in Romania in 1988 and moved to Spain in 2002. I always liked music and especially computers. In 2007 for some reason I stared to play around with electronic music software and made some basic electronic music and basically that’s how it all started.

What all this has to do with design and my website? Well, I wanted to make CD covers for my music so I started to follow Photoshop tutorials and I soon found myself immerse in a world that was far more attractive to me than it was the music making world. On top of that I found that it was easier for me to create a digital artwork than composing a song and I was enjoying it.

About a couple of years after starting to explore Photoshop, I was part of the deviantART community getting inspired by other artists and in time I started to make my own artworks based on my own ideas and people started to ask me about how I made my artworks. And that’s how I started to think about creating a blog where I could explain step by step how to make the things that I was doing. Helping others was funny and I was receiving good feedback.


In 2011 the thing became more serious and I started to invest some money on it to get a better design and a more professional logo. PSD Box as a website was born in January 2010 and I make Photoshop tutorials for it ever since. Upon finishing college, the website was running well enough so now it’s my full time job 🙂 In 2014 I also created the Spanish version of the website and I’m trying to offer the same Photoshop tutorials for both websites.

Most of the artworks that I make are based on my own ideas and over the years I developed my own workflow which is quite simple especially when it comes to photo manipulations. I’m also an amateur photographer so I try to combine both things even using the same editing tools like Lightroom when making the final touches for my manipulations.


Images have the same structure as a sound, they both have high, mid and low frequencies. It took me about 3 years until I realized that.

Have a look at PSD Box, you might like some of its unique Photoshop tutorials and resources. You can also become a premium member and get access to: 40 exclusive premium tutorials, unlimited downloads, access to the original PSD files and HD videos and much more.

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