The concept of web design has undergone a sea change in the past few years. The static and boring website has made way for the new and stylish websites with slide-out menus, large and colorful background, custom photography, responsive design and more. But some experts are of the opinion that these changes not that much significant as the concept of the web are undergoing a rapid transformation. We are living in an exciting time as technology is making giant leaps everywhere. People are no longer browsing the web via websites, they are using apps, social media, search engines, etc to gather the information they need.

These are challenging time for traditional websites. Here we are going to give a short account of the challenges to the concept of traditional website design –

The Dominance of Social Media Sites

People are spending more time on social media. Since big brands are using social media to get connected to their targeted audience and to offer customer support, people these days prefer to visit the official Facebook or Twitter account of those brands rather than visiting their websites. When it comes to news articles, social media is also making inroads. News companies have also integrated their websites to different social media sites to keep users updated with the latest happenings. Therefore, there is no need for users to visit their websites individually. Since there is little room for customization, the rise of social media is definitely having an adverse impact on traditional websites.

The Rise of Apps

It is strange to see so many e-commerce websites are ditching their trusted websites and embracing app only version. The popularity of apps and the ever-increasing number of mobile users have something to do with the gradual decline of traditional websites. Apps have certain advantages. Users here don’t have to open a browser, type the website URL and then clicking on links to be able to gather information. Use of the app is simple. All they have to do is to click on the Icon and then start exploring its various features and functions. Apps have gained so much popularity that almost all brands these days have an app for mobile devices and a website for a traditional website. Another amazing thing about the app is that each app seems to have different functionality. Designers have to work really hard to come up something unique for an app otherwise it will fail to win the love of the audience. But in the case of web design, most designers tend to follow the same pattern and structure.

Omnipotent Search Engines

Search Engines have evolved a lot. They are now showing more than just 10 blue links rather they are trying to show more information right on the search result page by harnessing the power of machine learning and Knowledge Graph. Google is trying hard to make it more like an encyclopedia rather than a powerful ‘web directory’. So, if all the information become available right on the search pages, there will be no such need to visit the website, right? Well kinda.

Wearable Technology

Though these wearable technologies like Google Glass, Apple Watch, Microsoft Holo Lens are still in the incubation period, they are promising a future where people can live the web, where the web and the real worlds come together. If this is how the future looks like, we can easily assume the fact that the prospect of traditional website design does not look that bright.

Is Traditional Website Dying?

Well, there is no straightforward answer to this question. Even if new technologies emerge, it will take some time before people can get the hang on them. So, traditional websites will be around for quite some time. We just need to make sure that the websites look stunning and amazing.  However, if you have no idea how to design and develop a website, you can try some website builders available online.

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