We comprised a huge list of the best free stock photo sites, so you could browse and find hi-quality images for your creative works. Most of the photos are free for personal or commercial use and are covered by CC0 license, which means you can do whatever you want with them (copy, modify, distribute, etc.), without asking permission or providing attribution to the author.

You can use this photos in your blog posts, presentations, PSD/HTML/WordPress templates, banners, t-shirts, brochures, or any other projects. It took us a lot of time to set up this great list, but it’s totally worth it, as you’ll have a complete resource that you can use on a daily basis.

Nr. Website Attribution Twitter account
1 Unsplash CC0 1.0 @unsplash
2 Picjumbo @picjumbo
3 Gratisography CC0 1.0 @BellsDesign
4 IM Free CC BY 2.0 @IMC_official
5 Magdeleine Creative Commons (various) @MagdeleinePhoto
6 FoodiesFeed @foodiesfeed
7 Raumrot CC BY 2.0
8 ISO Republic @isorepublic
9 Superfamous CC BY 3.0 @folkertgorter
10 Little Visuals CC0 1.0 @little_visuals
11 New Old Stock @newoldstokk
12 Refe @getrefe
13 Jay Mantri CC0 1.0 @JayMantri
14 Public Domain Archive CC0 1.0 @pdarchive
15 Picography CC0 1.0 @picography
16 Pixabay CC0 1.0 @pixabay
17 SplitShire Attribution not required but appreciated. @splitshire
18 Startup Stock Photos Take them, these things are free. @startupphotos
19 Pexels CC0 1.0 @PexelsPhotos
20 Travel Coffee Book CC0 1.0
21 Moveeast CC0 1.0 @moveast
22 Barn Images CC0 1.0 @BarnImages
23 Stokpic @stokpic
24 Death to the Stock Photo “Plain English” License (PDF) @deathtostock
25 Kaboompics @kaboompics
26 Realistic Shots CC0 1.0 @RealisticShots
28 PhotoPin @photo_pin
29 Best Stock PhotoFree @BestPhotoFree
30 HiResStock @hiresstock
31 MMT CC0 1.0 @mmtstock
32 Freeepy Free photo for comercial use. Use them anyway you want, but not for sale.
33 Freefilehunt Licensed under public domain. @freefilehunt
34 Freemagebank 100% free stock photos for personal and commercial use. @freemagebank
35 Bara art
36 FreeUse CC0 1.0 @freeusephotos
37 FreeJPG CC0 1.0 @freejpg
38 PhotoStockEditor Attribution is highly appreciated but not a necessity.
39 Negative Space CC0 1.0 @Ngspc
40 Free food photos CC BY 3.0
41 Foter Creative Commons (various)
42 Compfight Creative Commons (various)
43 Re:splashed CC0 1.0 @twanlass
44 Pond5 @pond5
45 Goodstockphotos @sparkuparts
46 High Resolution Photography CC BY-ND 2.0
47 Large Photos CC0 1.0 @largephotos
48 Creative Vix CC0 1.0
49 FancyCrave CC0 1.0
50 Function Absolutely free to do anything you want with. @liammckay
51 Photo Collections Copyright restriction free. Use these resources on any project you wish, personal or commercial. @owldesign
52 Free Nature Stock CC0 1.0 @adrianpelletier
53 StreetWill CC0 1.0 @StreetwillCo
54 Jéshoots CC0 1.0 @janvasekcz
55 Life of Pix CC0 1.0 @life_of_pix
56 LibreShot CC BY-SA 2.0 @LibreShot
57 Stock up Creative Commons (various) @builderreport
58 Splashbase Creative Commons (various) @SplashbaseTeam
59 DesignersPics @jeshujohn
60 Snapographic CC0 1.0
61 Cupcake CC0 1.0 @nilsson_jonas
62 Paul Jarvis Use where ever and however you please. @pjrvs
63 Lock & Stock Photos @ajmontpetit
64 BucketListly Photos @peachananr
65 StockSnap CC0 1.0 @StockSnapIO
66 Tookapic CC0 1.0 @tookapicapp
67 Nobl web Free, do as you please.
68 Bossfight Free, do as you want. @bossfightco
69 Freely Photos CC0 1.0 @FreelyPhotos
70 Good Free Photos
71 FuriousCamera You can use them on your personal and commercial projects. @FuriousCamera
72 ABSFreePic CC0 1.0
73 MorgueFile @morguefile_site
74 Crow The Stone CC0 1.0
75 Skitterphoto CC0 1.0 @Skitterphoto
76 Snapwire Snaps CC0 1.0
77 CC search @creativecommons
78 Flickr CC search @Flickr
79 Burst by Shopify CC0 1.0


If you know more awesome free stock photo sites, let us know by leaving a comment and we’ll be happy to include them.

11 thoughts on “The ultimate list of free stock photo sites (75+ sources)

  1. Hi!

    Thank you so much for adding Kaboompics to your list! I’m very happy about it!

    I think that is little mistake, because you’ve got wrong Twitter account of Kaboompics 🙂 Correct is @kaboompics not @stokpic

    Have a great day!


    Passel aggregates high-quality free stock photos from 25+ sources and has a collection of 4000+ images (increasing everyday), crowd-tagged by designers. You can easily search for whatever you are looking for.

  3. Edgars Novikovs: For designers it is difficult to get diverse high quality images. These links are surely very helpful to them.

  4. Wow…what a list! Just what I was looking for. Thanks for compiling the lists and sharing it out to the Design Community. 🙂

  5. Hooks, nice list!

    Its good to see new initiatives on the web regarding the photo sharing, world will change for good when we all start chipping bit by bit. I have started a project in which I am adding two photos daily which are handpicked by us and sharing it under Creative Common Zero license. Do check

    If you like the initiative and encourage us


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