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This month, web design community had lots of big announcements and important events (yes, Google’s new logo is probably one of them, but who cares). We set up a list of most exciting news, resources, freebies and tools for web designers and developers. Let’s have a look:

Adaptive design vs responsive design

Carrie Cousins explains the difference between adaptive and responsive design, why should we shift to it, its benefits and things to consider before implementing it.


Wallop – not just a slider

Wallop is a minimal 4kb JavaScript library for showing & hiding elements. Pedro Duarte –  the creator of wallop, was happy to reveal the story behind this great project and told us a little about it.


Ghost updates its design after 2 years

After 2 years and thousands of users, the team at Ghost have listened and learned a lot about how people are using their platform. Therefore, they delivered their 1st UI update after the launch.


HTML color codes

The guys from Dixon & Moe think that tools for design should be well designed themselves. So, they created one – you can use it to get HTML, HEX color codes and RGB, HSL values. It’s beautiful, well structures and easy to use.


How to create beautiful style guides online

A style guide is a document that represents a certain brand. It’s comprised of a set of standards that should be followed to properly represent that brand. We spotted a great tool that will help you easily create elegant style guides online.

create style guides

The anatomy of responsive images

Jake Archibald documented everything he knows about responsive images. He got a comprehensive article with live examples and detailed explanations.


Pixel map generator

amCharts created a cool tool where you can generate a pixel map of a certain area and export it to SVG, HTML or PNG. It comes with lots of options and offers a great UX.


Freebie: files material icons (PSD)

The guys from EpicPxls created a unique and appealing freebie for our readers. It’s a pretty set of 6 file icons based on Material Design principles. Have a look and get it for free.

files material icons

Subtraction design tools survey run a survey where over 4,000 participants from almost 200 countries answered questions regarding different web design tools that they usually use. The results are quite surprising.


Destroying Apple’s legacy or saving it

Amy Hoy talks about Apple’s new direction in interface design and what is wrong with it. She took the Clock app and listed all its issues related to UI and UX + other general problems with Apple’s software design.


Stay tuned and tell us if you know more awesome resources or tools. We will be happy to list them and spread the word.

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