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2015 will be for sure the year of new web design trends, techniques, tools, announcements, resources and much more interesting stuff. Over the past years we assisted at design innovation, unique executions and excitement.

We’ve compiled a list of the most interesting web design trends to watch in 2015. And in order to follow them and see the results, we’ll attribute a prediction to each of them. We’ll see next year if we were right. So, here we go:

1. Material design

Prediction: Material design will expand to web design and Polymer library will be widely used. Real time web will be very popular for prompt web interaction. Thanks to this, the JavaScript frameworks will emerge (Angular, Backbone, Ember, Meteor, etc.)

2. Responsive design

Prediction: More than 20% of all websites will have responsive design. It will be more adaptive and more optimized. We’ll see the implementation of <picture> html tag.

3. SVG

Prediction: The new web design will be more organic with SVG animations. The Snap.js (or similar libraries) will help professionals build flexible UIs and achieve fancy designs.

4. Video content

Prediction: Thanks to HTML5 video API, the video content will become more popular. It will be used to show products and showcases. No more ugly sliders! Video backgrounds will still stay strong.

5. Scrolling

Prediction: In 2015, scrolling will be the best technique to trigger web components, animate content, retrieve/process data or navigate the app.

6. Performance

Prediction: 2015 will be the year of interactive websites. Performance is crucial here. The best budget for any web app is 60fps. The animations will be optimized by accelerated animation engine such as Velocity.js

7. Typography

Prediction: Icon fonts, text animation and lettering will still be there. We will notice big and bold typography.

8. Automation of coding

Prediction: Web design tools like Macaw and Adobe Reflow will substitute the process of manual coding. Of course they will not create excellent code, but this is only the beginning.

9. Decline of frameworks

Prediction: Bootstrap and Foundation will not disappear, but a lot of small frameworks will be used for particular cases.

10. Wearables

Prediction: The use of smartwatches will emerge. Web designers will have to shift their focus from traditional design for web pages to more flexible design for mobile applications.

11. WebGL

Prediction: The use of 3D layout in JavaScript graphics library will be more prominent. This will open totally new web experiences.

12. Micro UX

Prediction: We will see a lot of little details and interactions in web design that are supposed to create a great UX.

What do you think about these predictions? Have more web design trends to share? Please comment!

Further reading: here is a nice infographic created by Red Website Design listing 20 web design trends to watch in 2015.





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