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One of the principles of good design by Dieter Rams says that “good design is as little design as possible“. Designing a beautiful, minimalist website is not an easy task. You have to figure out how to combine few elements with a lot of whitespace and get a good looking layout. Remember, less is more.

Keeping things simple is the whole purpose of minimal design.

Ronalds Vilciņš – a skilled front-end developer, created a list of 10 minimalist, clean and fresh website designs for your inspiration. Have a look:

1. Design Jobs Board

The color scheme used here is magnificent. Smooth animation and effects are a great addition too.

Design Job Boards

2. Animade

The actual animations created by this studio are making the site more engaging and attractive.


3. Christopher Ireland

Here is a nice example of unique visual storytelling and a creative portfolio. Do you remember this website, any similarities?

Christopher Ireland

4. Y7K

Here we see a nice combination, play of colors and a bold, beautiful typography.

Y7K site

5. Sylvain Reucherand

The design of this site is simple, yet it’s awesome: custom typography is cleverly combined with amazing micro interactions and visual effects.

Sylvain Reucherand

6. Nördik Impakt

Hamburger menus and preloaders might not be the best solutions for sites viewed on desktop PCs and laptops, but here we see a creative approach, and we like it.

Nördik Impakt

7. Dow-Smith Studio

A really unique and interesting idea: the projects are displayed in a functional browser app with tabs and additional info is available in mini apps/windows.

Jake Dow-Smith

8. Barkas

Barkas studio does creative work and strategy for people with good ideas. You simply have to access their website to better understand that.


9. Panache

Users are scrolling, this website is taking advantage of this and tells its story in an elegant and engaging way.


10. Make Me Pulse

Here is a beautiful design with an excellent execution. It practically has everything: awesome animation and interactions, unique typography, storytelling, creative approach and more.

Make Me Pulse

Do you know more websites with exceptional minimalist design? Share them with us, we’ll be happy to feature them.

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