As we previously mentioned in our post about top web design trends for 2015, typography will be influenced by hand-lettering and big/bold elements. We’ve comprised a list of creative and inspiring examples of calligraphy and hand lettering designs.

We’ve asked each designer to describe his work and tell a few words about it, here is what we’ve got:


Beauty by Ilham Herry


Devil & the Sea by Mark van Leeuwen

The aim of my work is to give phrases and quotes a whole different dimention, to enhance the power of the words when we hover our eyes over them. I just love broadcasting a nice fusion between art and poetry


North of Wonderful by Evgeny Tutov


NUMERO ZERO by Luca Barcellona


Mural by Kyle Steed


Joy by Clairice Gifford


Hypeset by Evgeny Tkhorzhevsky

My main focus is calligraphic or/and lettering logos and labels creating. All of my work is a real hand-made – firstly I always work with the material and paper, and then use the computer for the final refinement.


Found Out by Peter Strain

I’m always trying new ways of integrating typography and imagery together to try and tell a story.


Fantastic by David Milan


Portrait Artist of the Year by Alison Carmichael


Something out of nothing by Ricardo Gonzalez

The aim of my work is to produce unique letterforms through calligraphy & lettering with a strong visual hand-made feel.


The Reckless and the Brave by Mark van Leeuwen

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