‘Practice makes a man perfect’ is a good phrase to continue the pace of learning but what has become important these days is the skill to upgrade yourself with the growing technology. Not everyone is adaptable to change but those who are upgrading themselves with time are always ahead of the game.

Web designing is an ever-changing phenomenon. As a designer, you cannot neglect the trending art and eye appealing factors that are grabbing the human eye. And if you are serious about your profession you shall be looking for ways to make your portfolio outstanding and worthy to notice.

Also, web designing is a vast profession and no matter how far you go in your profession there is always a room for improvement. Here are some tips which will help to upgrade your web designing skills:

  • Know what’s new: Being in the field of designing, you hardly get time to notice what’s new. But how about taking only 10 minutes from your hectic schedule? It will help you to find the latest trends and new developments coming your way. And in future, if your client asks to implement the design you’ll be confident enough to talk on the topic.
  • Freelancing: It’s not only a tip, it’s a pro tip not everyone will tell you about. Freelancing is recommended to gain experience for every kind of work. As you interact with different type of customers regularly you got to know their requirements, and working for different requirements will open your mind to invaluable learning.
  • Spread the word: You might think you have worked enough in your field and don’t need to know more but the truth is that you learn more when you teach. How about sharing tutorials or how to guides? The core benefit of teaching is that when you plan to present information publically you research more which leads to further learning.
  • Start on your own: It’s a crazy tip but I believe in it a lot. Working for a limited audience and for a limited time will bound you to a limited learning. But taking out extra hours to think out of the box and innovating something in your field will let you stand apart from your competitors. I know a web design company in dubai who celebrates innovative people.This the reason their employees focus more on upgrading themselves with the latest technologies rather than following the common practices.
  • Challenge yourself with a new software: Photoshop and Illustrator are not the only tools you should be working on. There are many new tools or website builders like WIX.com, Weebly, Shopify etc. Some of them might be easier to use, pick them randomly and learn to master it. This will diversify your skills and will add up to a better portfolio.

Trends keep on changing with the time, it depends how much time you take to adopt it. But making excuses for the latest trend limits your work and growth. A successful designer will focus on improving with the time because he knows the importance of it. So, are you planning to adopt the change now?


Hina Eni is a specialist web designer associated with web designing company in Dubai for 2 years. She design websites on WordPress and PHP and can also work on bootstrap templates. She has good command on Adobe products as well.

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