It is amazing how illustration is used across different platforms to express various designs and themes and at the same time pass a message. With the relevant innovation, illustration can be applied to web design and the variety is immensely wide. If you intend to have a website with an illustration of your choice, be sure to visit the Illustration agency – Ilustra for more details.

According to the definition of illustration, the artist tries to make concepts clear either through example or to offer decorative purpose. Therefore, an illustration on a website seeks to pass information and make the website look attractive at the same time. Experts in illustration and web design put the work into various categories and their applicability differs with users. So this publication will highlight different categories of illustration as used in web design.

Theme illustration approach

There are numerous illustration ideas one can use to cover the theme of the website. While developing such a website, the illustrators ought to come up with a theme-related illustration. The owner of the site will need to discuss thoroughly on what theme they wish to have on their site. Now that the illustration must maintain the theme, it becomes the main design which people must catch at first glance. Some of the top examples include the following:

The launch kit

If you like a simple theme, then this is the one to go for. The illustrators like to use this thematic illustration when the client does not want to have any design or structure on top of the other. Both the decorative features and the informative ones do not come into contact with each other in any way. It is, therefore, considered as one of a unique illustration approaches to the web design.

Getting my boss to north cape

This popular thematic illustration focuses on being comical and at the same time functional. In a very clear illustration, one can tell what the person (boss) will achieve at the end of the mission.The intention of the site is to inform the users of the site’s objectives and missions in a clear visual way. The title also echoes what the illustrations show as they repeat the actions.

Allure design

Another thematic design is where all of the website illustrations revolve around a particular theme. The owner will decide on the theme they want: like fashion, computers, food or any other item depending on what the website is dealing with. Creative designers are in a position to maintain the informative and decorative functions at the same time without missing the theme.

The Mascot Designs

As a popularly used illustration approach on web design, illustrators focus on using humans or animals to create a theme. The personification can either be of the products or any other object that contributes to the website theme. Some of the popular examples include the following:

The event

The robot with three legs resembles the octopus. As much as it is a mascot, we see an innovative step away from the reality, although it still maintains the personification theme. Although not many people would go for this theme, the site is an exceptional beauty with this brainy and funny creature. Without it, the site would be left to be plain and not appealing at all.

The ink finder

Clearly, we can see a mascot in the personification of an octopus holding various ink colors. Therefore, the theme is clear and straightforward. With a smiling face, illustrators and web designers are sure they will create a lasting image in the customer’s mind. In fact, experts say that this mascot theme is bound to remain in someone’s memory for a long time; and this is the main purpose of the mascot.

The big eye creative

Just as the name suggests, the mascot depicts personification of some sort through an eye. The one big eye on what seems to be a small robot works well when used in the logo. What follows throughout the site is the theme of eyes. If a website sells eye care products or any eye-related services, the big eye creative mascot can be used. When it comes to this, the web designers make sure that they have to relate the mascot with all other contents. Otherwise, it will give a contradictory message.

The illustrated decorations

Rather than relating a site to any reference, the illustrated decorations focus on beauty alone. While many other concepts would go for objects like people,  animals, places or any other, this theme will go for none of those. The designers focus on the decoration aspect for the beauty of the websites. We will focus on some few common examples to make this web design illustration clear.

The metaphiziks

It focuses on the background decoration aspect. As much as the themes may differ in one way or the other, the overall picture is the purpose they play – to decorate. The lines and circles do not necessarily mean the symbols are the perfect shapes that we know. When the background is combined with some texts by an expert, then the results are just amazing.

The 1000 WP themes

The basic intention is to use illustration as the style and framework beneath other work. There is no use of any human aspect or any sort of life. While the primary intentions of the theme are purely decorative, some of the analysts would be tempted to say that theme has other illustrative meanings. This is true – the work shows some quality and well-thought-out work but nothing more beyond that.

The Coca-Cola history

This is yet another approach to a website where the main purpose is purely decorative. However, this is done by illustrators trying to demonstrate real things. According to one experienced website illustrator, the approach almost has no specific approach and technique. The audience is expected to make conclusions for themselves if they see the design to have some meaning. However, illustrators make it purely for decorative purposes.

The informative illustrations

All from the beginning we learned that illustrations seek to inform and clarify their meaning of something. Informative illustrations seek to fulfill this purpose through the creativity of the illustrators. Most sites that involve a lot of information for the audience, like education centers, can use these themes to make their sites more interactive.

The Conferize

In a small way, this theme offers great informative information. It goes beyond peoples’ expectations to use a plain, simple image but has a strong way of delivering what the site is all about. This way, it makes sure that it has simply informed the audience on various things that the site owner wants to deliver. Additionally, the message is delivered in a beautiful image.

The bookish

The site that wishes to use the bookish illustration will focus on the use of various blocks on the home page. Such blocks will focus both on maintaining decorative aspects and passing the right information to the audience. In fact, web designers say that each block can tell visitors about what to expect even without reading the text. Web sites that sell e-books or various educative programs can use this theme perfectly. However, it does not limit any other niche of a website to use it.

The activate

The activate illustration for web design seeks to take its audience away from the usual technological aspects. As a matter of fact, it will not depict any aspect of the same. People seeking to use this will have a feel of pure natural discovery, and this is exactly what the audience will also feel. At the same time, the site will maintain its purpose of informing the audience in a perfect way.

The illustrated text

Text in an illustrated approach is not something that will click in most people’s minds when art is mentioned. However, it is possible to use this in a web design concept and pass the right message to the audience. The hand-drawn text provides a variation for creative people. Let’s look at some examples of this briefly:

Joey Lomanto

While the text may be one of the fonts, rather than hand written, it seems to play cool with the other designs of the website. Basically, it presents a larger text on the home page that explains all about the website in a nutshell.

Go live

The text to be illustrated is reserved to be handwritten, rather than a font like the other theme discussed above. With a creative illustrator and web designer, all contents of a website seem to unify in a perfect way. Therefore, users can feel the impact of the illustrations in a better and clearer way.

The rangus

Reserved for the last, this design is considered to be one of the most beautiful and well-presented text illustrations of web design work. The more talented an illustrator is, the more gorgeous the handwritten text will appear on the web home page.


The illustration history shows that this concept of its use in design is not a new practice. Therefore, the above-discussed concepts are just innovative improvements on what people have done for ages. However, while they are in such categories, illustrators and web designers can know what techniques to apply where for a better user experience.



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