Here is a list of awesome tools, apps, projects, design works and other great stuff that we like. Explore these great resources and tell us if you know more: let’s create a repository of useful stuff for web designers and developers. So, here they are:


A tiny and elegant tool to test your responsive web page. You can reproduce the site on a wide collection of devices, choose portrait or landscape view and scrollbar.


Trianglify generator

Use this simple and nice tool to generate different triangle, geometric patterns for your design projects. You can save them in SVG or PNG.


Futuramo icons

More than 16000 icons wrapped into an application for UI/UX professionals, web designers, developers, creative agencies, etc. Lots of features and styles available.



Free and premium resources for web designers, including: mockups, logos, illustrations, scene creator, collections and more.



Create simple, elegant typographic posters with this nice tool. You can include your custom text, choose type pairing and different color schemes.


IxD checklist

Interaction design checklist is a great tool to plan and evaluate your work. You can choose from different filters and print the checklist + read more useful info.



Helium is a floating browser window for OS X that allows you to watch media while you work. Read the whole story about this viral app in our recent post.


9 squares

A unique project initiated for fun: each of 9 different designer creates an abstract, 350px, 3 second animated square to make up a single GIF loop, from a 4-colour palette.


Type scale

A visual type scale calculator created by Jeremy Church. You can preview your text, select different options, grab the CSS and/or edit it on CodePen.


CSS loaders

A collection of awesome, fast and fancy loaders, created exclusively in CSS. These animations are supported in the latest versions of browsers.


Let us know if you like some of these amazing tools and resources and don’t hesitate to suggest more.

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