The most common way after getting a graphic design degree is to work as… a graphic designer, of course! Often, it is not that easy. But, once you have mastered such skills, a huge variety of positions and choices reveals to you.

What are you supposed to do with your degree?

Actually, you have an opportunity to work in different spheres. We are going to talk about them in the next few paragraphs. But, you should know that employers prefer to hire candidates with a degree. So, do not forget to add it in your graphic designer CV, in order to make other applicants face heavy competition from you.

Anyway, design industry grows faster than much of others. And also average wage tends to increase. So, let us look through some interesting professions you may take up.

Graphic Designer

This is what you aspired to while educating. The main activity is to create logos and layouts for product illustrations, and also, it’s further editing and improvement.

One of the duties is establishing file rooms with the images and photos and archiving them. This is not the complete list of tasks, because you never know, how you may expand the opportunities and where to apply your skills.

Web Designer

A web designer is a more specific occupation, where you will apply knowledge in a particular scope. In order for the website to work and gain benefit, it must look good. That is your job – develop and optimize information, create visual elements and schemes, organize data in an appropriate way. Much time you are going to spend on the computer and internet connection, so it can be a good option for those who search for a remote work.

Game Designer

The game design might seem hard to cope with, but actually, you just need to understand the core of such work and make a design to the particular specifications. Mostly, you should know about game logic, mechanisms, graphics, cartoons and design structures. Your priority is using computer animation and modeling programs.

Book Cover Designer

That is a really narrow field of activity. But, despite that fact it is quite valuable. There are still readers who prefer books to eBooks. To grab their attention you should create various and beautiful covers. Furthermore, you may be asked to design the whole book, for example, to add illustrations and edit layouts.

Marketing Specialist

Analyzing users’ activity helps developers to understand the preferences of the customers. Also, the duties include collecting competitive prices and sales, gathering different methods of marketing, measuring advertisement’s effectiveness.

Maybe this position does not closely comply with your graphic designer degree, but you should try it.

Invitation Designer

If you possess graphic skills, making a layout for an invitation is a piece of cake. Any holiday or party can turn into a big business. Especially, individual wedding invitations’ design becomes extremely popular. Take into account that you are going to cooperate with people. So, you will have to meet their requirements and strictly adhere to the instructions.


This is exactly the place, where your degree is in need. Because a well-educated person is the only one who is eligible to teach others. If you decide to take it up, remember, that teaching is a noble thing. That is why you should put all your efforts and apply the best knowledge. Only then your pupils will be curious about graphic design.

Art Director

This is not that type of job where you will spend hours with the computer. But it is not less exciting. Work involves communicating with clients in order to receive assignments from them and then determine the concept and budget of the projects.

Also, you will have to discuss such projects with your authorities. And finally, cooperate with your colleagues to make a perfect design solution which will meet the clients’ requirements.

Now you see how many horizons are here to open up. In any case, do not regret your solution about getting a graphic designer degree. The world is huge, fast and variable. No one knows which professions will be in demand next year, and which will be left behind tomorrow. So, continue improvements in your field and choose the right path.

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